Learn how to send Inventory to WareIQ fulfillment centers.

Go to Send Inventory tab: Inventory > Send Inventory

  • Click on Send Inventory button to open the form

  • Select the WareIQ warehouse where you want to send out your inventory

  • Add the items you are sending and enter a quantity for each item

  • Add the total number of boxes, tracking details (Details of the courier you are using to ship and the tracking number of your shipment) and estimated arrival date (Approx. date when the shipment will arrive at WareIQ warehouse)

    PS: You can also update the tracking details on the WRO detail modal (Before it arrives at WareIQ warehouse)

  • Click on the Save button to create the order

  • After the order is created you will get an option to download the box labels. Click on the Download Labels button to download the labels. Print the labels and attach the label to each box. 

    PS: You can also download the labels from the WRO detail page

  • Click on Finish when you have downloaded the labels