It is advised to take action on your NDR shipments within 24 hours. This helps in forwarding your information to the courier partner in real-time, which leads to a faster response time.

Following cases could be helpful for your understanding

Case 1: Nobody takes an action on the NDR

In this case, WareIQ will try to take action on the seller’s behalf and request the courier partner to reattempt the delivery.

Case 2: The second attempt fails

In this case, the order will again come in the NDR panel where a seller can take an action over it. If we receive no action from the seller, we will again try to request the courier partner for a re-attempt the delivery, but the reattempt depends on the courier partner.

Case 3: The end buyer does not want the order

If the end buyer says no to his/her order at the time of delivery, the order will again come in the NDR panel where the seller is responsible to take action on it and has the capability of adding the order. 

Note: The courier partner usually makes three to four delivery attempts before cancelling the order and marking it as RTO. The maximum number of attempts varies from courier partner to courier partner.