The Price Calculator estimates the shipping charge that will be incurred on shipping the order on the basis of the details mentioned below.

 Following details are required to get the estimated shipping rates

1. Pick up Pincode: Your pick up warehouse Pincode

2. Delivery Pincode: Customer’s delivery Pincode

3. Payment Mode: Type of the order- Prepaid or COD

4. Weight: Total weight of your shipment in kilogram (kg)


1. Platform fee (Rs: 5) and GST Additional will be added in overall shipping fee.

2. This fee is charged for shipping order items to customer. It is calculated based on the higher of volumetric weight or dead weight of the product when measured with secondary packaging (i.e. package handed over to courier).

To calculate the price for a shipment please follow the following simple steps

Steps: Login on WebApp>>Go to App store>>Click on the price calculator>>Enter the required details>> Click on calculator.

Step-1: Go to App store

Step-2: Click on the price calculator 


Step-3: Enter the required details 

Final calculation: Sample shipping price post feeding the all details

Here you can see the estimated price of shipment from various courier partners.