Scenario: What you will do if the order is already dispatched but not delivered to the customer yet.

- Nowadays our courier partners are delivering the products to the customer on or before the Estimated delivery date. However if you want to check the order Status, you can check on your WebApp portal.

On the WebApp, kindly check the below details:

  • Status of the order Ids.
  • Estimated delivery date of order Ids.
  • Tracking details on courier portal.

WebApp Portal Screen Shot:

1. Search the order Id / AWB number on the WebApp under the search bar and select accordingly.

2. Once you feed the order Id then you will get the status of order Ids and also order timeline like-


    -Order Date (O): When customers are placing the order.

    - Manifest date (M): Post getting the order when manifest are getting generated for particular order Ids.

    - Estimated Delivery Date (E): Post generating the manifest you will get the Estimated delivery date by the our courier partner. That means the order will get delivered to the customer on the estimated date.


1. Kindly wait till Estimated Delivery date to get the order delivered by the our courier partner.

2. If in cases Estimated date is cross and order is still not delivered to the customer then click on the AWB number, once you will click on the AWB number you will get the new window of our courier partner and from there you will get the tracking details and reason for delay in delivering and again courier partner will attempt for delivery on the next day.

3. Courier partner will mark the RTO (Return to origin) post 3 attempt of the delivery.

Tracking Portal: 

Any issue please reach out to us on -

Via Freshdesk:  Click on New tab >>Select new ticket >> Fill the required information and click on Create bottom.

Via Email: Write a mail to support team at