POD or Proof of delivery will generate once the orders get delivered to the customers. As of now Wareiq courier partners are delivering the product to the customers post verifying the OTP and in few cases we are delivering the product manually and taking the acknowledgement from the customers.

Proof of delivery is only required when customers are claiming that they haven't received the product but the product marked delivered on the portal.

Note- Request will accepted if WareIQ team is receiving the complain within 72 Hrs from the date of order delivered to the customer.

If any customers are claiming within 72 Hrs that they haven't received the product then kindly check few information on the portal.

-Status of the order Ids:

                Non-Delivered- Please ask the customer to wait, the order will get delivered as per the estimated delivery date.


                 - If the order is delivered post OTP verify, then inform the customer we are not carrying the POD because customers are acknowledging that they received the product with sharing the OTP with courier partner.

Sample OTP Delivered POD:

- Also check the courier partner is from the WareIQ or you hired, if the products are delivered by your own courier partner then check with them and WareIQ is not responsible for this.

- If the products are delivered by the WareIQ courier partner but customers are claiming it's not delivered within the 72 Hrs and POD is also not available on the portal then reach out to our support team through-

Via Freshdesk:  Click on New tab >>Select new ticket >> Fill the required information and click on Create bottom.

Via Email: Write a mail to support team at support@wareiq.com 

Helpdesk Toll free number: +911114-1183-294, Our experts are available for your assistance 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM.