Activating the WareIQ Shipping Badges App Embed Block on your Shopify Theme

For WareIQ Shipping Badges to work with your theme, you need to have our Shopify app embed block activated on your published theme:

  1. Log in to your store in the Shopify admin
  2. Visit the "Themes" section
  3. Click on the "Customize" button for the current theme
  4. In the Sidebar, click "Theme settings"
  5. Within the Theme settings section, click "App embeds"
  6. Identify the "WareIQ Shipping Badges" app embed and verify that the slider is turned on. If not, turn the app on and Save.

Custom Placing a WareIQ Shipping Badges with Shopify App Blocks

Sometimes WareIQ's auto-placement system doesn't work as expected with the theme you're using, in this case, you may need to custom place the shipping badge. After configuring the custom placement strategy for that store in WareIQ Portal:

If your theme supports Shopify Online Store 2.0:

  1. Within your Shopify storefront admin, visit the "Themes" section
  2. Click on the "Customize" button for the current theme
  3. Choose the product template to add the shipping badge within the page selection dropdown
  4. In the page customization sidebar, find the section you wish to add the shipping badge under and click "Add block"
  5. Provided that the section supports the addition of our shipping badge, the option "WareIQ Shipping Badge" should be visible under the "APPS" subsection
  6. Add and reorder within the section as desired

If your theme doesn't support Shopify Online Store 2.0:

To apply the WareIQ Shipping Badges on the "Product Details" page, insert the following code in your HTML source. Any place where WareIQ finds this code, a badge will render.

<!-- wareiq-delivery-tags -->
<div id="wareiq-pincode-check" class="wareiq-pincode-check"></div>
<!-- ends -->