What is RTO and what are its possible reasons?
A shipment is categorised as RTO when the courier partner is unable to deliver your shipment to the end buyer. In such a case, the courier partner marks th...
Wed, 29 Dec, 2021 at 12:01 PM
Where can I check RTO orders on the WareIQ's Seller Dashboard?
To check RTO orders please follow the following steps Step 1: Go to Orders Step 2: Click on RTO Here you can see all the RTO ord...
Wed, 29 Dec, 2021 at 12:04 PM
When my reverse pickup will happen?
Reverse pickup will happen post booking a reverse order and You can book a reverse order only when the order is delivered to the customer.  To know how ...
Mon, 25 Apr, 2022 at 7:11 PM